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Thank you Albuquerque, for 40 great years, with

many more to come.

Clark's would like to remind everyone your pets get cold too.

Please don't leave your pets in the car in these extreme weather conditions.

And remember come to Clark's for heating supplies for everyone. From outdoor heat mats for your dogs and cats to ceramic heat emitters for reptiles or birds, we have everything to keep all your critters warm and healthy this winter.

Shot Clinics

Low cost shot clinics are held at both of our locations. We have a veterinarian on site to administer vaccines, including rabies. Please check out our Shot Clinic page for information on the vets we work with, and our Events Calendar for up coming dates.

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Our next shot clinic will be:

Menaul location: Sunday, January 27th

Lomas location: Sunday, February 3rd

Check out the Shot Clinic page for info

Check out the Event Calendar for more dates


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Eco Earth Reptile Bedding

Eco Earth is made from the highly renewable source of coconut husks. Eco Earth is great for creating environments for reptiles and amphibians that require higher levels of humidity. The natural coconut fiberalso helps to break down waste and odors. Eco Earth is biodegradable, can be composted, and can even be recycled directly into potted plants. Eco Earth works great for creating natural looking terrariums capable of supporting live plants.


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"Very knowledgeable staff. I have relied on Clark's for years to help answer all sorts of questions about my pets. From fish to dogs they are willing to help and find the answer." - Nikki



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